Navigating Avenues to Submit Music Online

Most opportunities to Submit Music online are legitimate ways for singers and musicians to enter contests, apply for entrances to music schools, work with producers and engineers, and collaborate with other artists. Placing music on a website is an excellent way to promote the band or introduce new music.

Some current popular artists created their own fan base before landing a recording contract by submitting videos and performances on YouTube and other social media pages. Before posting a music file, sending a video to an email address, or submitting original material to a website, research the website.

How the Industry Works

More and more music, connections, collaborations, and partnerships are being created online. Global influences, the desire to work with more artists, the convenience of access to people everywhere, and the amount of new music that can be recorded and released quickly makes the internet an attractive way to do business. Songwriters, for example, can work together via Skype from different places. A booking agent can review a touring schedule with an act without the need to fly out to the New York or Nashville.


There are several websites dedicated to educating people about changes in the industry, how to contact the right professionals to achieve short- and long-term goals, and become aware of vacant positions available. In-depth articles, interviews, analysis, and reviews of software, equipment, and instruments are offered online from experts that have been in the music industry for decades. These are sites designed to help people in the business and those who want to enter it. Review some of these sites and get an idea of what to look for when submitting music.


Copyrighting music, lyrics, band names, and arrangements can be accomplished by applying online, which is easy and quick. Digital copyrighting laws for intellectual and original property posted online are also helpful for those who write, play, produce, or mix music for online clients. Doing a search for this information is simple. Enter “DMCA” as the keyword to get results regarding copyrighting for the internet. There are services that can help remove backlinks and DMCA infringements. Protect the work and creativity and submit finished projects to get exposure.