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Guidelines for Employees to Follow In Case of a Chemical Spill

When a chemical spill accident is handled correctly no one will get hurt. Before a company thinks of how to deal with chemical spills, it should think of how to prevent the accident from happening. When an employee is found not following the correct process of storing, using transferring, handling and disposing of the chemicals, there should be punishments that will make every employee careful when they are dealing with the chemicals. Employees have to be trained on how to handle chemical spills correctly. These programs will not interfere with the regular schedule of the organization because employees can be trained on the job site as they continue working. This is the appropriate way of handling a chemical spill accident that employee should learn.

Prepare for the emergency because a chemical spill accident does not want anyone that it will happen. Ensure that all the employees learn and understand the procedures they should follow when chemicals spill. Write down the response procedures and put them somewhere that all employees can see so that they keep reminding themselves after the training. Ensure that you have the equipment for training on how the procedures are followed. The equipment that you make available for the employee should be of high quality to enable them to handle the chemical spill efficiently.

There should be an efficient and smooth flow of communication among the employees to let everyone know about the occurrence of the hazard. You should all move away from the chemical spill to keep everyone safe so that you have enough time to decide whether or not it can be cleaned up by the employees or you need assistance from outside. Determine the environmental threats, physical damage to the property and how the chemical will affect human beings. After assessing the risk of the spill you should evaluate the quantity of the spill to determine if you can clean it up without help from outside. You should finally evaluate the potential of the impact of the spill, and if the impact is not alarming you can consider cleaning it up by yourselves. The liquid might be highly flammable.

There are general response guidelines that you can recommend. First you do not need to notify emergency responders because that is wastage of company resources if it is a simple spill that you can clean up by yourselves. You should strictly follow the correct cleaning procedure of the kind of chemical spill. Use absorbent materials and make a dike around the edges of the screen so that it does not spread. Contact the officer in charge of handling hazardous cases in your company to guide you on how to package and label the materials that you have disposed of in separate trash because they have been used to clean the chemical. Ensure that the area you have cleaned up is not left contaminated by the chemical.

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